• prasannakkumar 10w

    Title: Depiction

    Depiction of true love
    is hard to display with words
    and images,
    neither on canvas nor
    on the parchment,
    true love
    is a feeling which is imbibed
    in the hearts of one,
    who, are true to each other,
    it's an expression
    that can't be expressed,
    it's an emotion
    that can't be controlled,
    a true depiction of love
    can't be a superficial display
    of smooch and hugs in public,
    rather it's a temple
    trove of impression,
    that could be worshipped
    as a deity
    no talk, no touch,
    no distance keep ever keep it apart,
    well, it's more of spiritual
    than material,
    Depiction of true love cannot
    be substantial with temporal things.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source: google

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