• avintagesoul 10w

    Isn't it magical, when you realise how far you have come?
    Thinking of all the people & places you came across,
    Of all the Goodness and Bitterness you had to taste,
    Of all the heartwhelming and heartbreaking moments you had,
    Of all the hopes you have and the ones you lost on the way,
    Of all the things you learnt!
    Isn't it beautiful to realise that the journey has transformed you,
    That you learned more about yourself!
    You are strong,
    You are kind,
    You are brave,
    You are tender
    Yet fierce!
    Be proud of yourself
    For you have come a long way,
    For you have no grudges to hold on to,
    For you can pray for the ones that hurt you,
    For you can wish good for others,
    For you believe in goodness.