• omkara 10w


    I don't know, I just don't know why I love Diwali so much, like there is no specific reason behind it. Maybe because there are lights everywhere, maybe for some days this dark world seems to be bright. Maybe because everyone in my house dresses up, all new clothes, new clothes are happiness. Maybe because people buy new things, even though if it isn't mine, in the end it puts a smile on my face. Like for few days, everyone forgets what they are going through they just burst cracker and with that they also burst out their anxiety and problems, everything.
    I love Diwali, I love it, may be this Diwali we just not lit up the ‘Diyas' and put string lights in our balcony.
    We all have been through bad time this year so, maybe we do a little more than that, let's brighten someone's life. Someone you know or you don't just help someone out in need. Lit the ‘Diyas’ of Love this time, let the world see not pollution but Happiness is all over around. Welcome Diwali.
    A very very very Happy Diwali to everyone.