• nihalchakravarthy 10w

    Why do you love me God?
    Ain't I wicked. Ain't I un repented sinner?
    Didn't I cheat you? I myself hate for the breaking all my commitments which I couldn't accomplish which I made with my own heart.

    You knew me even when I was formed.
    Even though I born in SIN your love was there upon me.

    For my sins, for my wicked heart. Which knows the truth but still it choose bad. Knowing all these why do you love me?

    I wanted to hid from you for me pleasures, but you are everywhere.

    You create vast space in a unimaginable tiny places.

    I became lifeless. Hopeless.

    I couldn't control anymore. I doesn't have strength.

    Let me die quickly. Make me to lie in my grave.

    I couldn't bleed all the pain I have. I feel, once if I bleed my pain, I won't have anything else with me. Atleast let my pain remain.