• _athreyi12 9w

    Professional hobby!

    At times of existential frustration, have you ever felt like you should've chosen your hobby as your profession?
    I would suggest rather not.
    Hobbies give us pleasure for we do it occassionally. To put it better, we make time for it. While profession is draining most of your time.
    Hobbies are more personally satisfying whereas profession compels you to satisfy others.
    Hobby doesn't have a goal or a target to reach, while profession does.
    Imagine you have a timer set, a goal to achieve, a person to monitor and guide your progress for your favourite hobby. Then no longer will it remain favourite.
    Hobby is something which we do because we want to and not because we have to.
    The happy feeling of doing something apart from the routine, just because it gives you pleasure and not any benefit in return is found only through a hobby.
    So, let hobby be a hobby always and a profession be a profession.
    But, surely have a professional hobby.