• _twinkletoes_ 5w

    Harmony of silence,
    have you heard of that rhythm
    When you fall freely from the clouds
    holding the hand of your beloved;
    The music of love,
    beyond the noises
    when your body cleaves
    through the infinite spaces;
    When the whole world vanishes,
    when you rest on the chest
    of your beloved feeling the rhythm
    of his heart beat, beating for you,
    each second only for you,
    when you entangle your fingers
    in the safest place ,
    knowing and feeling your world
    existing just beside you,
    no words are needed,
    just the silence,
    you will know love exists,
    when you see yourself in the eyes
    of your beloved, you will start believing
    in love again, you will start loving
    every bit one by one, love exists,
    and it starts leading you to want
    more and more of each other,
    drowning in each other's world,
    searching for the unseen wonders of love.