• nifemiii 10w


    At times, due to situations and circumstances we find ourselves, we wonder if God actually exists...
    We ask, God just make me happy, my life is upside down, I'm sad, depressed, I don't know where to go...
    But do you know there is something better than happiness?, and that is JOY..

    Happiness is dictated by circumstances, And its temporary. But Joy is more like a deep abiding, its Everlasting, its felt from inside out..
    Joy isn’t like happiness which is based upon happenings or whether things are going well or not.

    Where or how do you find this Joy?
    Joy is found in Gods word, by meditating on it day and night.. Joy is like perfect peace, a feeling you can't even explain.. And God said, I would give perfect peace to those whose minds are STAYED on me.

    Salvation is a total packaged gift, and in that Package, JOY is there..