• thoughtwine 6w


    Once upon a time,
    I found some marbles,
    Leaking from my hair,
    I showed them to some,
    They said
    'They don't look like usual marbles
    Where did you get them from?'
    They leaked from my hair!
    Surprised and annoyed,
    They stepped away from me.
    For a while,
    I wore a hat,
    Hoping the marbles would stop leaking.
    But here and there,
    I found the shiny pieces lying on the floor.
    I picked them up and filled them in my cupboard.
    Now the marbles don't leak that much,
    But they still do,
    Here and there,
    And like always,
    I wear a hat.
    When someone asks,
    "Why do you wear a cap?"
    I smile and answer
    "Oh, I have a receding hairline"
    Hoping that the cupboard beside me
    Won't let the marbles spill out.