• alexi_silver 10w

    Somedays I burn with a hatred so intense,
    I fear I will burn to ashes,
    This grand colorful world of mine,
    So terribly cruel in all its apathy and cruelty,
    And I want to wear rampage as my skin,
    Tear down the world,
    Hold a mirror to its hypocrisy,
    And watch the world burn,

    And yet,
    As I watch a man holding out food for the ones on the street,
    As I watch a woman feed a skeletal stray dog,
    As I watch a child smile at a gigantic man,
    I come crashing down,
    So much kindness,
    And I am mesmerised,
    Even if power could wield its strongest crown,
    It still couldn't hold a candle to kindness,
    And I return, once again,
    To stand witness to the greatest of all our stories,
    The ones weaved in grief yet still dare to glimmer in its kindness.