• chasetheroad 21w

    Do you see me now
    Do you know everything I’ve ever written has been about you
    It was always you
    And I’ve always known
    And you always looked the other way
    I’d cry and ask the sky why you wouldn’t stay
    A hundred lifetimes of delay
    Wondered why you were so far away
    And now I know
    It’s for time and space
    To be brought together at exactly the right pace
    In exactly the right place
    Through shooting stars and over oceans
    Cosmic light defeats the infinite void
    And once more
    You are mine
    And for the first time
    We both mind
    At least I do
    I always have
    My twin
    My flame
    My mirror with the same name
    The illusionary game
    That plays through my brain
    But you will always bend
    Off to the breeze, another gust of wind
    I’ll always miss you
    But you’ll think of me too
    Soul bound ties
    Constellation cries
    And I’ll see you for certain
    In all our other lives