• lydiafrancis 5w

    Only you.

    Just to let you know
    When your life is a stupid mess
    When your are going through shit
    There comes always a person
    Who is seen as an angel to your blind eyes
    Who you think gives you hope and light
    But no...
    It doesn't have to be that way always
    They can be fake too
    They can make your messy life even messier
    And so you know they don't come alone
    They introduce you to a lot more
    More pain than you already in
    More betrayal
    More nightmares...and so on.
    If you don't want to go through this
    Act like a stranger
    A perfect stranger
    Don't wait for anyone to come and light up your life
    You lighten up your own life
    Don't follow your heart always
    Sometimes believe your mind
    I'm sure it makes you stronger
    More than the heart does.
    This is how we dream
    But lives the nightmare.