• nimesh_atd 23w


    If you hv ever understood me , I just want you to understand that I'm not going anywhere but I need a time ,
    I'm not asking something you can't give

    I'm in midst of chaos of life
    Please understand I'm helpless this time

    I need it I need it, would ihv to beg you for Time

    Just think for sec , just think for sake of old time

    I really need a time how you can't get this straight from my written Line that I need time

    I need time , please get this right let me take whatever time I need , I need it very badly

    I'm writing in open letter not hidden in rhyme
    I need time for my self and you should take too fir while

    If you really want this to work let me take my time as long as takes

    Because I hv nothing to lose but time

    Don't put pressure on me , I'm not in situation to take anymore pressure

    I really hope you know I'm telling you...that I need time