• rohiniupma 6w

    It was neither first nor last
    It was never as best
    But yes, better than before
    It was just not above average.
    Though, those scorecard digits
    were never maximum,
    yet they were enough
    for you to feel proud of.
    You had always found
    reasons to praise,
    be it my writing or
    my presentation craze.
    Avoiding my silly mistakes,
    Focusing my skills
    It was always you
    who saw a gem
    in this stubborn rock.
    Crafting me as creative,
    mending me as orator,
    Disciplining me as leader,
    guiding me as fighter,
    Its always you, my teachers,
    yes each of you, whoever
    came my way to guide me,
    enlighten me, scold me,
    warn me, bless me,
    whether as the major
    or just a minor
    mentor. Your lessons,
    became principles for life,
    and believe me they are
    still guiding me and
    my life.
    I know, I have still not
    done much to make you
    proud enough, but yes,
    I have not stopped yet,
    I will grow, as I chase,
    As I achieve.
    Thanks to all my Gurus,
    for making me what I am
    today and also for what
    I will be tomorrow. Thanks,
    can't be enough,
    I know, so I promise
    to keep these strings,
    attached forever,
    making your lessons
    immortal forever.


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    Happy Guru Purnima to all Mirakeans. I have learned a lot here and daily I am learning more and more by reading you all. Thank You☺️

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