• soorya_ajith 6w

    A warning

    I warned you shit might break loose
    I warned you about my unending feelings for you
    I warned you I'm an unstable soul
    Healing on its own accord
    I don't need you
    Yet doesn't mean that your words doesn't affect me

    I loved you once
    And I will love you forever
    I needed you to be mine once
    But I don't need that anymore
    But if you come back waltzing in
    Throwing words like love and care
    I fall for the hook
    And be broken all over again

    So think before you say
    I'm a broken soul
    Broken by you
    Anything you say
    Sways me away

    So think before you say
    Words that may or may not make sense
    Words that land me in spiral of confusion
    Believe me, it's hard to unwind.

    It's simple
    If you don't love me
    Say you don't
    Hooking me on with words
    Will only get you in the troubled mess that I am.

    So, be warned.