• lee_jihee 23w

    The girl behind the mask

    What happens when the spotlight fades
    When the curtains close
    What becomes of the girl who played the lead
    What happens when the make-up’s gone
    And the mask broken

    She cries…
    Because behind her mask is a normal girl
    A girl who is afraid to make a mistake
    A girl who hides behind a mask of emotions
    When they ask if she is ok
    She answers she is fine
    But deep down she is breaking and trapped

    What happens when the mask breaks in half
    And it all comes out like a flood
    When the emotions kept within break free and shatter her image
    What happens when the mask she worked so hard to make doesn't work anymore

    When spotlight fades and the curtains close
    There on the stage lays a broken mask and a broken girl
    But who is gonna be there when her demons come out
    And help her fight them in the dark
    Who is gonna stand by her when everyone else leaves
    Who is gonna love her when love no longer matters
    Who is gonna fix her when she seems unfixable
    Will you be there when the spotlight fades
    And the curtains close…
    Will you be there to fix her…

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    The Girl behind the mask