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    Simone's Story: Chpt. 11

    "I never meant to leave Carrie," Ralph explained softly in a sombre voice. 'My intention was only to leave Margarete. You all know how she is, so you know why.' He sighed. 'I had know idea she was pregnant-neither of us did.'
    I stared at him as Nicholas looked at Ralph with disbelief. 'How can either of you not possibly know she was pregnant? Didn't you notice the weight gain, mood swings, the swollen ankles?.'
    Ralph shrugged. 'She never saw the doctor. Her doing so was against her belief. She was convinced her swollen belly was a tumor. As far as her moods...Oh, that was bloody hard to ignore: even nasty. Whenever I tried to suggest she sees a doctor, she would go into a rage.' He sighed. 'I then left shortly after. If I had found out she was pregnant, I wouldn't have left that woman until Carrie was born. I would then have taken her and given her a much better life.'
    I glared at him. 'How touching.' My voice was full of sarcasm.
    Ralph stared at me. 'You don't believe me?'
    'Why on earth should I? Do you have any idea what you put that child through?'
    'If I'd known, I would have contributed to tolerate that psychopath to adopt her.'
    Nicholas merely looked down and shook his head before turning to me. 'He may be telling the truth. I initially thought he was lying about who he was, but everything he says makes sense. Also, he's your son. Try to be less hostile.'
    With that, Nicholas left the room, feeling stunned with the both of us.