• sarika_gupta 6w

    For the sake of saying we have many friends or may be we really do have a lot of friends. We love sharing our happiness with all but when we feel low the ambiguity appears. It's just a weird psychology that when we feel euphoria we want to spill it to everyone but when we feel crestfallen we prefer to stay alone, handle it all by ourselves. We scared from confining into someone because when we are already disheartened we abstain from getting more hurt. It's really appreciable if we have even one person to talk with. Otherwise it's just a squander for us to spill if the other person doesn't pay heed.
    Find that one person or a gang or may be it's just you what you need. Just don't feel bad about you. you can reach to any pinnacle if you want to.
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    A solo surrounded by throng.