• apex34 10w

    Thoughts #1

    A foot before, another follows behind
    That's the rhythm of that song, free and fine
    And it traces patterns, painting on my mind
    I love it, for it's an ultimate sign.

    But you know, life is funny in a way
    One minute you're dark and gloomy
    And the next you're feeling gay
    But, one thing's certain: there's no need to stay moody.

    The sing of growth, isn't all that it seems
    Hearing from a distance can cause confusion
    It isn't about growing to be as tall as beams
    Or expanding to a level seen as a profusion.

    Rather, it's a foot after another
    Seeming more and more like a moonwalk
    From a boy/girl, you become a father/mother
    Then the cruel but diligent reaper knocks.