• juniorauthor 11w

    Night Owl

    In the darkest of hours,
    When it gets lonely in the nights,
    When Life seems so meaningless,
    The deepest roots of the pains
    Pouring down through the eyes
    So scarlet.
    Waiting for the sediments
    To settle down.
    Hands so numb,
    Body so weak,
    Feets refusing to walk again,
    The thoughts in my brain
    Are the thoughts of the days once were
    Happy, smiling and giggling,
    Has come to a point
    Where life once seemed so magical.
    Thinking of us,
    I loose track of time I loose.
    Pointless Waits for I have known
    you're not coming back
    Or at least
    Not coming back
    Tying the knots with a different woman.