• heavenskiesandthestars 9w

    Explaining my depression to a friend,
    Depression is my friend too,
    Much more closer to me,
    Than you are,
    We have history,
    Much longer than yours and mine,
    Depression doesn't give up on me,
    It stays with me,
    No matter where I go,
    Follows me like a shadow,
    Except that when its gets dark outside,
    The shadow still remains, darker than ever,
    My friend tells me, you look okay,
    But how do I explain I am not,
    Depression is funny, just like that,
    I'm starting to understand it,
    It gives you powers while it sucks the soul out of you,
    Powers like laughing while it plunges the dagger inside you,
    Scooping out life from your mortal, nesting a home for itself,
    Afterall, if someone did see that depression was unlawfully occupying the realm,
    They would try to deport it,
    And that's the last thing it would want,
    Depression is the friend that covers your mouth,
    When you scream,
    That pulls you back in bed, everytime you try to get up,
    Because it just can not let go of you,
    And slowly, you stop even trying,
    Because you have grown attached to it,
    Because depression isn't an outsider anymore,
    Depression is you now,
    You are depression