• the_buried_poet 6w

    My eyes rise above this ink
    to see all white that lay before me
    Soothing to my soul the new falling snow
    Mountains rising higher and higher
    reaching heavens floor
    Settling into the knowing
    of a grandeur of meaning
    Travels of faith steady
    ahead my path has been laid
    Blessed I am for this blue sky day
    Within the eyes of my child
    a pure love and growing heart
    My only wish as I'm alive is to
    light her life on fire
    with the unconditional love
    she gave me bringing me back to life
    Starting over with every breath taken
    We are the untold stories of our dreams
    Eyes wide open singing
    our heart strings to sleep
    Rest neslte down into this hollow
    of undone sorrows
    Release the pain that has
    held captive the faith
    bringing tears flowing
    as the river bend
    of neverending strength
    Pulling as the moon moves the tides
    All is within reach with belief of mind
    These white caps question not the fall
    of the next snowflake standing tall
    Excepting the falling beauty
    patiently in awe majestic the air
    keeping kisses from heaven alive
    Another moment meeting my eyes
    in moments of my soul shaking
    bringing comfort to my bones
    I am home my darling'I am
    the home of my soul
    All the darkness has turned white
    as the snow before my love filled eyes