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    Just having a wee little goof

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    Catalina Woman

    Call this the Catalina.
    Your girl p**** wetter than aquafina 
    Whispers in my ear how she nastier than Trina
    Grabbed me by the d*** and swore she'd make me a believer
    Then we left the crowd as we headed toward her beamer
    Thinking to myself, this girl might be a keeper
    Opened up the door, 
    I see her knees getting weaker
    Turned around and told me, how she is a screamer
    Cool with me, just gonna cut up the speakers
    Both climb aboard, says she wanna play receiver,
    I will do the chores, I can be your cleaner
    Just call me Stanley Steamer, 
    now girl drop it down and show me that beaver
    We f***** so hard I believe I broke a femur
    All I heard was SNAP,
    Turned so red thought she caught scarlet fever
    Looks me in the eyes, and begs I never ever leave her
    Read between the lines, I seen her as a deceiver
    Then she sucked me dry, nicknamed is over-achiever
    Hopped out the whip, said I dont like your demeanor
    Frustration made me trip so I threw up a finger
    Yelled before I dip, good luck with the gonorrhea
    Haven't seen her since and I hope I don't either.