• creative_words 11w

    Stranger to Good Friends

    We came as a stranger but by the end we became good friends.

    People were there in the class but it was difficult to talk. Some of us sat quite but who knew how long this will go.

    Faculty came and showed us big dreams thereafter we were feeling so high.

    Our introduction was a game that every faculty used to play but we tried to avoid even then they used to play.

    Who knew that there were delicious lunch waiting for us. Sometimes we got that early but sometimes late.

    Was that only, No there was tea break also, which helped us to survive in the long class.

    For some of us black auto and last coach of metro seemed like belong to us as we were enough to fill it.

    Punch in was easy but for punch out we had to wait for our turn.

    We had formed our own group but faculty used to come and tried to shuffle it but we used to say No, even then they did it.
    We found it really nice to do things with others.

    Backbenchers did innovative things, sometimes brought speaker and sometimes did funny things.

    One day something different happened, many of us planned half day leave that made the faculty upset thereafter we played Dumb Charades.

    Each day was fun and memorable but sometimes full of entertainment and sometimes full of power point presentation.One day a faculty came with energy and enthusiasm that day was so wonderful.

    Some of us had crush on others but that had gone away with completion of batch.

    We came as a stranger but by the end we became good friends.