• _bohra 6w


    "Six feet under, bought myself a pack of cigarettes
    Cuz Life's been a blunder, wrought with nothing but a deck of C grades
    Splitting, Spitting, Coughing, still blowing off some steam
    Soul's swollen, Heart's broken", said the sad but easy to read dried red dreadful eyes of an insomniac's dead dreams.

    Flowers withered Smiles shattered, late though but spring was on the way
    And with spring came an itsy bitsy flower and rested on this insomniac father's grave
    It was the daughter - "Love you 3000" she shouted
    To others it was just a shout of grief but to him - 'a lullaby', and a lullaby he realised was all in his life he ever wanted
    And All his life he waited, waited and doubted
    Late though but at last seeds of satisfaction finally sprouted

    With a strange but a very happy grin, the insomniac finally closed his 'once easy to read dried red dreadful' eyes
    And in a big chirping crowd of big people, all he wanted was to hear his little daughter's little lullaby for one last time