• nanditaranigiri 9w

    A miracle

    Before that I was hopeless and lost ,
    Then uh came into my life...
    Uh make me laugh when I want to cry,
    Uh make me smile when I want to frown,
    Uh make me sparkle when i want to be in dark ,
    Uh belive in me when no one else does...
    Uh re like a rainbow with so many colors and shadows ,
    Uh glittered my life with those colors ..
    Uh entered in my life so unexpectedly,
    Uh took my heat by surprise ,
    Uh turned my life upside down ,
    And then uh made my life complete..!!
    I need uh more than ur thoughts..
    I love uh more than ur imagination..
    Thinking about uh round the clock..
    Is the favourite thing I daily do..!!