• nayyalove 9w

    do not disturb by n.love

    laughing at your tenacity of falling in love
    so easily to the wilderness
    where’s your home
    where do you hide at night?
    in his bedroom?
    in your insecurities?
    all buried underneath the surface
    layers shifting back and forth from vulnerable to closed off again
    your eyes keep meeting his
    you keep being drawn to repeated bad habits
    you’re laying beside your own deceit
    mind telling you “maybe it’ll be different”
    body telling you “give yourself away”
    soul telling you “don’t run back to what you were just saved from ”
    you meet his eyes again
    this time you see a spark and it runs off in your mind
    soul says “don’t get too close or attached to things you don’t own”
    but they own you
    soon you became a slave to your imagination
    playing devils advocate back and forth
    waging war against the truth
    the surface seems clear and beautiful
    but beneath there’s nothing but chaotic passion
    you wanna dig deeper
    but deeper is where God warns you not to go
    “dive deeper into My Word daughter” He warns earnestly
    never forces but reinforces the truth
    His truth
    but then your eyes catch his again
    but this time he doesn’t catch yours
    this time he is closed off
    so you dance around the idea that maybe those short conversations were an illusion
    now confusion becomes the new conclusion
    “protect your faith” God says
    but you keep trying to replace God with a version that will only lead to persecution of self
    “I love you daughter” God whispers while you pray to Him
    this you know
    but do you really ?
    because man would not be your home
    don’t you know that they are a hotel
    a temporary stay that you will soon have to leave
    and as you leave and pack your luggage
    don’t forget the torment you felt on your way out
    this is what will remind you to never return again