• jonnas 6w

    Adventures of Life

    Life is a journey
    Don't waste time sitting idle
    Live it freely following the morally correct way
    Never break morals to have a wealthy stay

    Don't let life jolt
    By every pebble on the road
    For life is a long journey
    Of happiness and trouble's load

    The piece that you are missing
    Is what you see each day
    It is the now you're living
    Which prepares you for your way

    Trip of joy and sorrow
    No guarantee for happiness in every tomorrow
    Always be prepared for both victory and defeat
    God provide solution on it

    So close your eyes to future
    Or days preceding now
    And focus on the present
    For today will show you how

    Fight not to surrender
    Be a warrior not a worrier
    Be a stronger not a weaker
    And be fighter not loser