• atharmohammad 11w


    Do you know why the moon is loved by so many people than the stars in the sky??
    Generally...what literates think is that...moon looks bright and unique...like one of its kind and it attracts people because of its round and white visible color and it happens only to be one to this earth while the stars so numerous to be counted...are far away...tiny... and appear not as bright as the moon.
    While my personal view is a lovely comparison where i can't describe the moon as the greatest one there is...i love the stars more than the moon as they seem like stepping back whole heartedly and allow the moon to share their light to make itself the brightest one...If stars come close as the moon...then they are bigger and mightier than it...shine more luminously than it and this overwhelms the moon and it would just be like a tiny speck among huge rocks...similarly this tiny topic reminds me of our parents...thy are just like the stars that many fail to admire...they step back withholding their own wishes and share all there is to their children just like the stars...to make us look great and unique in the whole society...
    As our parents are striving this hard to be constantly the stars of our life...some of us still remain a new moon...no brightness and vigor...the sky is only complete with stars beautifully fixed at places and a new moon to grab all the attention of the viewers...people admire the moon first followed by the stars.. so similarly a socially responsible son is given praises first and then the parents who shared their light to make their little moon even more brighter together.. so i address the new moons of this generation...lets all bloom to the fullest moon together and make our stars proud...