• tamanna_hassan 22w

    Yesterday I was in some different city, today I'm in other one. And the change makes me a bit uncomfortable. And I have come to realize, I have always been like this, afraid of changes, afraid of breaking the wall I've created around myself.

    I was afraid to lose my friends, I lost some of them and something changed. I was afraid that I would stop loving him, I stopped and something changed. I thought everything would just go on the way it was, it didn't and something changed. And every time it took me days, months and many more things to get used to the changes.

    But the one thing that the changes have taught me is that life isn't the single song I could listen to on repeat like I always do. Life is a playlist of some unknown songs made by some unknown singers and I have to shuffle through it. But we do have our choices. We can either dance to the songs, to each and every rhythm or we can just sit and wait for the song of our taste. And I have made mine.

    -Tamanna Hassan

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