• roxana91 5w

    Close to you

    I pray to God to have a long life,
    I wish you to achieve happiness
    Every day of your life.

    To find every day a reason to celebrate,
    Not just once a year, when it is your birthday
    Or the birthday of someone near you.

    I want you to remember me with joy,
    As if I were still there - close to your soul.

    I want to talk again,
    To make beautiful memories,
    To share without regrets
    With those who want to hear them.

    I pray to God to give you everything you lack,
    Because I know you deserve it.
    To leave on your lips the smile
    With which you conquered me.

    I pray to God every night,
    To bring me into your life.
    To bury my longing for you,
    To be close to you again, dear.