• k_kshitij 5w

    There's this tranquility,
    A prevalent skin-piercing silence
    The one that is rankling
    Yet this body is not becoming numb -
    This evil heart is trying it's best
    Percolating hydrogen over the
    Network of those feeble veins
    Freezing muscles and limbs.
    The clamor of yesterday's crackers
    Still haunting this ears,
    And the mellifluous memories
    Lingering on the tip of this tongue.
    Desires flapping it's wings-
    Is weighed down by burden of betrayal
    The rythemic beats once symbolising life
    Is showing signs of Alzheimer's.
    The warmth of womb -
    Is all the sole yearning left now,
    But eyes, these innocent eyes
    Refuse to blink their last::
    For promise unfulfilled
    Keeps them waiting,
    Unaware that what returns from the grave
    Are corpses: lifeless.