• tanayjyotisarmah14 6w

    The Acute Nostalgia

    Possessing a seat in the balcony ,
    The quaint smartphone shows it is 2090.
    Face frightfully wrinkled , hair pale ,
    Bones feeble , hands holding a cup of ale ,
    Heart beating , brain engaged in some tail.
    Ears engrossed in the tunes of BTS ,
    Yes , I still remember the days I had
    With my lads.
    Some are dead , some on the deathbed ,
    Memories are started being led.
    A wide grin across the face
    Eyes are closed to relive the race.

    Memories hit back 2019,
    Dreams thick while bodies thin .
    Pals plenty , jokes lame
    Naughtiness without any shame.
    Engaged in Instagram , Youtube and Twitter
    Seriousness halted never , being a litter .
    We were in the ninth standard ,
    Gradually being upgraded from nerd .
    ----- P.T.O