• bhumika1999 5w


    After experiencing it I found it's colourful but at the same time miserable. It's a perfect example of what we call the balance between the good and bad experiences in your lives! I saw how things were bad with me are now same with my better half! He keeps complaining about his not being wrong in every situation.
    He thinks my tears are like stream of water and they can be wasted as they aren't so pure to be collected !
    I'm quite emotional and my fear often turns into that so the boy I love somehow gets the advantage of that. Love is making me run for an unknown path because my boyfriend doesn't think I'm alright he thinks if I couldn't pick a call I ignored him and it doesn't matter to me even if it's silent.
    Today's the day when even god ditched me I turned the ringtone on but somehow my mobile didn't ringed up and my bf spoiled hi mood and taunted me like unlimited times I feel so unusual he wasn't like this before !! I want him back as he was.