• sudarsana_02 5w

    I Am Breathing It All

    A place empty
    A world sinking
    In feelings negating

    Breathe, breathing
    It pulls me up
    Reaching the surface
    comfort of life
    It's a different sight

    Realized the time to patch up the tyres
    To move by my will.
    Fixed the cracks
    though tattered; will mend them.
    Intuitions rooted in me
    Grew and bloomed
    Beautiful coincidence
    brought in peace...

    From the mirror,
    I saw What's in it
    not the real.
    It took my everything;
    Revealed all I am...
    Once seen then impossible
    not to show up...
    fully to everything, to be whole.
    It is not a matter of mind nor reasoning...

    I learned the beginning,
    of a future to unfold...
    I am breathing it all....

    ~Sudarsana Nambiar