• jacytardis 5w

    Man made

    Adhere to the male fantasy.
    Large Breasts beneath small tees,
    with bikini armor to tease,
    barely present, enough to please.

    Adhere to the male gaze.
    Makeup: just a glaze
    to enhance the face,
    a drawn smile never fades.

    Adhere to the male thought.
    Perverted ones- never caught..
    or else justification is sought.
    The Man’s fault? “It’s NOT!”

    Adhere to the male hands.
    Which cannot understand
    why just light touching, is banned.
    Why a “Nice Guy” has no upper hand.

    Adhere to the male sight.
    An outfit that is too tight,
    or that the lighting was just right.
    And wonders, “Will she put up a fight?”