• mastani007 6w

    Just another poem in praise
    I'm in gratitude of the Lord above
    Halleluia Praise to Jesus and HIS Love to all

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    The 2020 Run [1.2]

    O Jesus My Jesus
    Thanks and Praises with all my core
    YOU are My SONG of the soul
    Rabbi,Blessed Emmanuel
    I know not how i'll make you pleased
    I want me to do a lot *sigh* and I don't accomplish
    What I'm meant for !?How can I be real not fake
    HOLDING on to my minuscule faith I turn back to you
    CORRECT me,WALK with me,TALK to me somehow
    Not STRAYING AWAY from your path,GUIDE

    Open the sky of gloom and REACH OUT to me
    I want to be PURE and full of YOU
    For I AM YOUR DAUGHTER and your own

    I've been BITTER and UNPLEASANT Of lately
    I've been full of lies and cowardly
    I've put my faith in you I've put in my intentions
    You are not my religion but I will religiously follow your PATH

    Once We Find That lets Run away
    TO another galaxy and sit on stars and planets I can't pronounce
    LET's Just be clean and free