• snehashandilya 5w

    The Sand Castle(part 1)

     She woke up finally and the pillow was dry some how
    reluctant to stand and eat she once again was willing to sleep now
    "Brick in your sand castle and let me rot please..."
    echoed in her walls
    Go, ignore my calls
            Not a timid tot ,she knew to pull a  
            fantom off her mind
            And she too once fell for a guy who
            was one of a kind...
    wrong are the ones who said "when
        'Your LOVE' is a true diamond and 
         not a rotten almond, 'GOD'
         separates both"
    Hey,but Scratch the past and you'll recollect , entire KIN taking their separation oath....
            Why defame God?
    "Brick in your sand castle, and let me rot, please"
    Echoed in her walls
    Go, ignore my calls...
               All she could solve was that she
               came from her womb
               And mumma's love would soon
               heal up her wound

    Startled up she embraced the lady in her tender arms
    and agreed to her Mumma's words with all her charm...
               "Brick in your sand castle, and let
                 me rot please"
                "Go, ignore my calls" , for a
                moment paused...