• cold_akhil 23w

    This morning, crawling out of bed towards the window,
    I observe her at the kiosk nearby.
    She looks beautiful with that smile on her face,
    I wish I could get to know her in a few days.

    I keep staring at her as the sun shines bright,
    it's hard to believe what miracle brings the moon in this light.
    She laughs with her friends and her eyes suddenly catch me,
    oh god this moment should forever freeze.

    She smiles and moves her hair behind,
    I wave my hand realising someone is reading my mind.
    She waves back and her friends stare at me,
    I smile looking at them and walk towards my bed, wondering who is she.

    A day passes by,
    another morning comes and I realise, it's time to try.
    Walking down to get some cigarettes which I actually don't drink,
    well, how beautiful does she look today in pink.

    She raises her eyebrows observing me,
    her exposed eyes talk a million words already.
    Walking towards her, I smile and say,
    "Hi. The day looks so much brighter today.."