• clyden06 23w

    So, I made this poem a long time ago and i think why not post it :)

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    It's 12 AM in the midnight
    I'm sipping my coffee
    Starting to lose my might
    I can see you online
    For me, it is fine
    But i'm feeling my sad heart
    Because of the conversation that never start
    I could just stare at your name 24/7
    I will just wait for you to confess your feeling
    Without any rest
    I will patiently wait for your "Hi", promise
    Because I believe that love do not sleep
    That's why my eye bags are this big
    Because I fall for you too deep
    I believe that love has no time
    So i will love you until the end of my lifetime
    This poem may seem nonsense
    I don't care, this is what i need
    To write everything, for you to read
    For me, love is always ready to fight
    So now, I'm sipping my coffee to regain my might
    Because I will wait for your "Hi" all night