• alyxxjyxx 6w

    i didn't know love
    but that was before
    that has happened.

    now i know
    that love
    makes your arms
    and thighs
    purple and blue.

    it makes you
    fold yourself,
    piece by piece,
    edge by edge,
    until you are
    so small
    you barely feel
    like you exist.

    love makes you
    a different sort
    of person
    you never expected
    you will be.

    the world was wrong, right?

    love doesn't make
    you happy,
    you could dance
    in the rain.

    it makes your
    eyes heavy,
    cumulonimbus clouds
    ready to pour
    in any moment.

    they were wrong
    because if not,
    how can you hurt me
    and say you love me too?


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    You do love me, right?

    Tell me you do, because I can't live knowing you lied to me too.