• mushtaquebarq 9w


    The Last prompt of the month
    So early from a baker shop
    as routine, the morning bread
    A dog looked at me, moved a few steps
    Kicked I and hurled a few selected abuses
    The dog barked and registered
    its hatred labeling me through his barks.

    Just then at noon
    when at the edge of a drain
    I unrolled the table cloth,
    a beggar sighed
    And I became the ugly object of his hate.

    After noon in a lawn
    under the Apple tree
    at tea, a sparrow perched so low
    with the wave of my hand
    I drew it apart
    but on my shirt she wrote
    by her dropping " I hate you"

    Late night when at the dinner we assemble
    my maid passed a bowl of broth
    her black hands blackened me
    I paid no attention to the bowl
    but she dropped her neck and marked me
    as her object of hatred.

    on the bed tried I hard
    to sleep and after shutting all channels
    I woke up in a city
    where the dog was gatekeeper, beggar, the King
    little sparrow, a fairy and my maid a Queen
    Summoned they me at the pond
    and passed a decree
    Few giants pushed me through a black tunnel
    A cloak they put me on
    with few labels fixed reading
    " Hate, Hate and Hate him"