• shwetha_n 23w

    So, this morning I woke up with this 'not so amazing' thought in my chaotic brain....

    Are you.... what you are, because someone expects you to be so?
    Is it because you want yourself to be this way?
    I want to be lot more that what I am!
    But as of now...
    I am what I am, what I intend to be.
    Not because anyone wants me to be this way.
    Believe me, people "expect" just the opposite of what I am.
    But then again... Once your mind and heart is mature enough to know what's right for you,
    once you can differentiate between good and bad, it's your life to live just the way you want.

    But the main thing to keep in mind always is to be humble, polite, respectful and not to be insensitive to those who ask/expect/want you to change according to them.

    Make them understand. If they do so...well...good for you.
    But in case they don't..smile and carry on with 'YOUR' life.

    Be happy and stay so!!!