• arjungupta 31w


    Mom what i say...
    You are my world nd uh give me the world.
    when first time i open my eyes there is uh❤
    U are my first feeder❤
    Whenever I fletered I got uh all time in my support.
    idk how uh inhale my all pains.
    my breath nd beats belong to uh❤
    This is ur heart nd this entire life belong to uh.
    come to ur lap and forget all
    there is unconditional love in which i fall.
    Fulfill all ur wishes is my dream
    i am the milk nd u r my cream
    my first feeder uh
    my birth giver uh
    my refuge uh.
    Actually there is nothing true
    my pure goddess uhh.©arjungupta