• streetkrest 6w

    World Views

    We are called to fall in love with the God of
    The Bible not the God of the Bible Translation
    And if you have a subjective world view like I
    Have then you will consider that everything is
    Subject to the control of whoever is in command
    Whoever is in control of that system whoever folks
    Are answerable to all power is in God's hands but he
    Had delegated his authority to the systems of this
    World and as such appointed governors over us to
    Rule and reign in his name that's why we pray for
    Those in authority like it says in the bible pray that
    Godlessness will have no dominion that common
    Sense will have its way that we may live a peaceful
    And quiet life all systems are at par with each other
    No single governing authority has the power and
    The mandate to lord it over us we are all made in the
    Image and likeness of God so when this world becomes
    Full of chaos know that one system has gone rogue
    And decided to take advantage of the rest and we
    Know that our God is in the heavens he does all that
    He pleases one day the lord will rule as the final
    Governing authority but for now he's using government
    For his glory