• atelophobicpoetry 6w

    Her, Pt. 3

    "I remember how I cried, begged, pleaded with you to let me do better.
    I also remember how you so adamantly, brilliantly stood your ground.
    You looked like a Roman General, triumphant and glorious, atop a hill.
    Like you'd killed Goliath with a stone.
    Instead of me.
    There was no pity. You were brutal, magnificent, vicious.
    And years later, now, I appreciate it.
    You did what was right for you
    without fear. Without punches pulled.
    And I applaud you, even now.
    I remember the way the world dimmed
    and colors faded and food lost its flavor and life lost its meaning
    and I wanted nothing and everything and you.
    And how you came back.
    And how I, me, the coward, the fool, the Unambitious, the lazy liar, the oath-breaker . . .
    Made it so that you had nothing to come back to.
    Because you said I didn't make you happy anymore and that I couldn't.
    So I didn't.
    And you had a bit of a rough patch after I was shitty.
    But now you look good. You look happy. And I feel like I did right by you.
    Even if you've forgotten me."