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    Let's play a game.

    The lights flickered in my eyes of fear.
    It came again like any other night.
    I put my candle on and glide in to my bed, covers up high. I peek and I see this bloodshot brown eye staring back at me. Followed by a childlike laughter one no child should sound like. It was high pitched but filled with cracks. "Do you want to play a game? "
    Swallowing my dry salivia through my throat ".o...K" The covers are pulled of of her tender body. "So you are the ghost and I'm the living one you haunt me. Shaking I say "boooo" And the child laughs it's dreadfull laughter again. The child takes a ouja board and goes to the next room "sorry for the mess" Two bodies lay in the moonlight, which were probably his parent. But wait don't I live here. The ghost boy puts his finger on that triangle thingy. "How did you die? " Flashes of fire and screams of a baby... No my baby. We were in a planecrash. What happend to her was my only concern. and a flashback of a man taking her to safety reasured her inmensly. But if I am death and I am the ghost then you are alive and your parents and before screaming could escape "I told you were the ghost. "