• judgedjudging_ 5w

    All I've been doing lately is listen to music, Google more 3 am music, listen to more, search for more, and infinite loops. It's crazy I'm not feeling anything and I don't feel the urge to think about the reasons why that is. It's not bad, but it's also not great. I don't think this is numbness or is it? How do you know when you go numb? Does it come knocking at your door with a filthy dark placard and hoot numbness madly. Maybe your mind just needed rest and it's ignoring all the crap you bring it's way. Maybe it wants you to know, that he is the one who gets to boss you around. He gets to decide what to feel? and most appropriately when? Maybe overthinking was too much for your mind and now its all rebellious. So that's when music comes handy, when you don't want anything to affect you. You only listen to the lyrics. You only want to concentrate on the words your earphones are feeding you. Or maybe it's the defence your body is using. Maybe it knew you'd crash if you go any further. Or maybe you don't know.
    Maybe it's all a lie....


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