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    Bhai, I know that last few days have been very hard for you. I believe you are the one whose loss is greatest, after all you loved Maa more than anyone else. It has been 27 days since Maa died. Still the pain doesn't seem to fade away even a bit. But bhai, I want to tell you something. I had my periods last night. Maa used to buy pads for me but she also told me that the male fraction of our house are ought not to know about this humiliating thing. She said that it was forbidden. She listed many rules which I need to follow during my periods. Bhai, We always shared a bond where we kept no secret from one another but I've been lying to you from past 4 months. Every time I told you that I can not play with you and made some lame excuse, I was on my periods. I learnt in school that menstruation is a natural process and every person should know about it but society taught me otherwise, that too using some crucial manners. Now, as I tell you this, a part of me which grew up with Maa, feels like I've committed a sin and Maa's spirit will never forgive me for this. But bhai, believe me, I don't have any choice left. Papa locked me in this house since Maa's death. You know how he feels like I am a curse on this family and now he blames me for her death too. He treats me like a criminal. I tried sneaking out of our house this morning to buy some pads but he saw me and then burnt my hand with his cigarette.
    Bhai, can you please buy me a packet of sanitary napkins? You just have to go to the nearby fancy store and tell Aunty that you want "that" for your sister. She'll understand. She'll give you the pads after covering them thoroughly with newspaper and hiding that embarrassment in a black polythene. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    According to surveys, India is a 'developing country'. But I ask, where is the development when a girl can't even share her pain with her own family member without being judged or facing embarrassment?
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    Bhai, can you please buy me a packet of sanitary napkins?