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    When you love something you just don't grab it and keep it to yourself. You wait patiently to see if it comes to you naturally. Let me make it simple. Let's say you love the moon and you know that there are many others who love it too. You don't steal it from sky and hide it from the world. You let it shine at its exact place and you accept that it is supposed to be distant to be this bright. You know that once you will step over it , it will only be dark and cold and it will lose the sparkle. It will stop being the object you fell in love with at the first place. So here is what you do. You watch it leave in the night and you wait for it to come again patiently. You don't chase it to the depths or follow it to the heights. You watch and you enjoy its beauty. You don't deny it its freedom. This is what love is. You watch things glow when they are following their own paths and you don't interrupt or become a barrier for them. You don't go against their nature. You just accept people's existence and reality and you just absorb whatever they offer by being their true self. This is the selfless love. This is the love which never fails. This is the love that never breaks hearts.

    Khadija Chughtai


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