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    It's not your fault, it never was, your purity is still there. You can get it back again.����
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    Phoenix Resurrected

    Your innocence has been waiting
    for you this whole time,
    like a Phoenix resting amidst the ashes
    after bravely allowing every demon
    to enter and pass through her;
    she nurses your wounds as you come to,
    waiting for you to be ready
    to fly with her across the flames
    like the stoic, shining savior
    you forgot that you had.
    They lied when they told you she was gone,
    and they lied
    when they said you could never get her back.
    Someone once took
    their Phoenixes from them,
    and now they steal from others
    to satiate the darkness
    their souls were cursed to carry long ago.
    They can never take all of her away,
    no matter how hard they are going to try,
    no matter how much it feels
    like they are succeeding.
    They did not murder her in front of you,
    she is still watching
    from behind your eyes.
    Your life is more than the illusion
    created and coerced into you
    when you were too young to decide;
    the Phoenix in you rises and
    gives you the final prize- a choice,
    wings on fire, a prevailing voice.
    You are The Resurrected,
    screaming in fever and weeping in rebirth,
    you make new homes for her within
    your blood, tears and bones...

    she is trying to wake you up.